There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better and more attractive. Some studies claim that people who feel confident in their bodies are more open-minded, relaxed, and successful. 

For the vast majority of people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about building the model-alike body is going on a strict diet and hitting the gym every day. While proper nutrition and workout routine will get you closer to your dream body, there is so much more you can do. 

One of the examples is supplementation. Supplementing the body with vitamins and microelements it needs but lacks, can turn out to be a magic pill when it comes to speeding and enhancing the process of achieving the ideal figure.

For instance, calcium is crucial for building strong bones, and testosterone helps gain muscle mass in no time. The best testosterone boosters as reviewed by and the best calcium supplements suggested by are TestoTEK and TestoGen for testosterone, and Citracal and Tums 500 for calcium. 

The importance of supplements is out of the question. Nevertheless, they are not the only way to get the dream body faster. Here is a list of other aspects you might have never thought of that contribute to achieving a dream body:

The Mindset  

Believe it or not, and the right mindset is so much more important than workout plans and strict diets altogether. Mindset is the first and foremost factor determining whether you will achieve your goal, whether it refers to sports, studying, or work. 

If you only pay attention to all the workout mistakes and imperfections of your body, you will never be satisfied with the body you will see in the mirror. Instead of putting yourself down with constant comparison to others and unreasonable need to achieve perfection, let go. 

Letting yourself be, reboot yourself and listening to your body will do much more good than forcing it to work against its capabilities. Moreover, once you let go of the expectations, you should feel better. Appreciating the progress you make will naturally encourage you to do more to get the ideal body. 

Proper Hydration

Understanding the importance of proper hydration is key to achieving high results when doing sports and bodybuilding. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the United States underestimate the numerous benefits of adequate hydration. 

Here are three main advantages that enough hydration gives:

  • Speeds up the digestive system. Drinking sufficient amounts of water helps the body process and transport nutrients faster, and later boosts your metabolism. 
  • It makes the joints healthier. While doing intense workouts, bodybuilders lose a lot of synovial fluids crucial for joints well-functioning. Drinking enough water prevents losing too much of it.
  • It improves the skin. No matter how good the body is, if you look “dry” and tired, you will not be attractive.
  • Helps in weight loss. Drinking a glass of water before any meal will make you feel less hungry. You won’t be unnecessarily overeating. 

You should drink at least eight cups of water a day when you are not working out. The number should be much higher after cardio workouts and other forms of physical effort. 

Enough Rest Time

It may sound counterintuitive, but dedicating as much time for rest as you possibly do to working out is crucial.

To be able to work productively and maintain the sports performance on high levels, your body needs to have enough time to recover. You might want to do strength training or lift weight after an exhausting day, but chances are it will only do more harm than good. 

Not sleeping a couple of nights in a row, or not sleeping enough for a longer time will decrease your energy levels, making it impossible for you to work towards the dream body. Take good care of your overall health by sleeping at least eight hours a night. 

Sleep and rest time make you more productive and boost your mood and sharpen your mind.


Besides regular workouts, proper nutrition, and supplementation, the quickest way to get the ideal body is through taking good care of your overall mental and physical health. 

Sleeping enough and hydrating your body will help you reduce body fat faster and build visible muscles. Nevertheless, getting in shape is not only about what you do but also what you think. 

Developing and maintaining a growth mindset is one of the crucial factors determining whether you will be successful in achieving the perfect body.