The Best Ice Hockey Bet Types

In terms of American Professional Sports Leagues, the National Hockey League has not historically fared that well against the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball. That being said, recently more and more people are waking up to the fact that the NHL offers one of the most thrilling live sporting products on earth. 

And fans are also discovering how much fun it is to put some money down on their favourite teams and players. Most know everything there is to know about the New York Rangers, for example. And they’re starting to put that insight to work in winning bets.


If you think you know which way things are going to go, then Futures wagers are where it’s at for you. These returns are usually excellent because of how good the odds are for games that happen later on down the line. They include options on who will win the Stanley Cup, for example. 


The most common wager for NHL games, here you’ll find that oddsmakers will create a favourite to win and an underdog. You’ll simply need to choose whether or not you agree with their thinking and pick a team to win. 

Over/Unders or Totals

The oldest wagers in Hockey betting, this bet asks you to decide whether the game will have a high final score or a low one. Oddsmakers will set a number and you’ll need to decide whether or not the final outcome will be over this amount or under it. It’s as simple to understand as a game of online Keno real money


An alternative to the Point Spread bet, the Puckline will see oddsmakers setting a number for the favourite and one for the underdog. Let’s say that these are -1.5 and +1.5. In order for your wager on the favourite team to win, they’ll need to do so by at least 2 goals in this example. 

To Win In Regulation

If you, for instance, aren’t interested in betting $100 on the New York Rangers to win outright because they’ve been set at Moneyline odds of -200, you may find better odds for them to win in regulation, after three periods. In this example, the odds of Tex’s Rangers winning in regulation would be -130, so backing them won’t be as expensive. 

Ice Hockey Betting Benefits

The fact of the matter is that betting on Ice Hockey games, particularly those featuring the NY Rangers, is very entertaining. You know the team and the game and what better use for your knowledge? 

Plus, there’s a chance that you could see some pretty significant wins. While you should always be betting responsibly, wagering no more than you can afford to lose, odds are that you’ll be right at least some of the time. 

It’s also never been more convenient to bet on the matches, teams, and athletes you love. As long as you stick to reputable bookmakers, you’ll be able to safely wager using your desktop, smartphone, or tablet from wherever you are.