How To Avoid A Ban From A Land-Based Bookmaker

Every sports fan and punter know just how emotional betting on sports can be. And whenever there’s a room full of die-hard fans who all have money on the game or race, tensions can run high. 

The challenge with this type of situation is that it’s easy to get carried away. Even those who generally behave themselves can find themselves in need of a little direction to avoid getting kicked out of their favourite land-based bookmaker or sports betting venue. 

Borrowing Is A No-No 

Anybody who has ever been approached by a fellow bettor wanting to borrow some cash will attest to just how annoying this can be. 

When betting on sports at your favourite retail betting venue, begging and borrowing are sure-fire ways to be shown the door. 

If you do find yourself at the end of your available bankroll, rather take a break and come back another day. 

Avoid Drinking Too Much

Since most sports betting venues provide a fully-stocked bar for the thirsty, it can be easy to succumb to the temptation of drinking a little too much. 

Since being drunk and disorderly is both out of order as well as annoying to everybody around you, drinking while betting is never a good idea. 

What’s more, following your bets and making good decisions require wit and common sense, which you’ll soon be rid of in a state of drunkenness. 

Don’t Start A Fight 

While this may seem like an unnecessary piece of advice, sports bettors have in the past become physical and aggressive with one another. 

Instead, keep your cool about you and forget about swinging a punch. Not only will you get kicked out of the bookmaker, but you’ll likely end up facing criminal charges too. 

Mind Your Manners

Being polite to the staff manning the kiosk won’t cost you a cent. The staff are there to deliver a service and provide you with the best sports betting entertainment that money can buy. 

Always mind your manners when interacting with the staff at your favourite bookmaker. 

Watch Your Mouth

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of banter with fans of the opposing team. In fact, this is part of the fun of the experience. 

However, always remain respectful of everybody else’s emotions. Nobody enjoys interacting with someone being offensive on a personal level. 

Being rude, sarcastic, offensive or irritating is a definite no-no. 

Don’t Occupy Reserved Seats

Most sports betting bars or venues have areas that are specially reserved for VIP guests and regular bettors. 

These venues all keep a record of reserved seats. If you’re caught occupying one of these without the necessary pass, you’ll be asked to leave. 

If you find betting at a land-based bookmaker a bit overwhelming, then you can always take your activities online. You may even be able to claim an online casino sign up bonus that you can make good use of while you wait for the next race or event to start.