Everywhere you go, at every casino, online or otherwise, you will likely always find the classic game of slots, also fondly known as “pokies”. With a huge variety of games providing virtually endless entertainment, as a game of chance though, winning at slots can be tricky. 

1. Choose A Slots Game That Suits You & Master It

With all the new slots games constantly coming out, it is worth searching the web from time to time, reading up on reviews, and looking for games with improved features and better payout. Once you have found a game that’s right for you though, try and take some time to learn it completely. 

Get to know all of its special features, such as bonuses and mini-games, and how best to utilise them to your advantage. Jumping from game to game can keep the entertainment value fresh, but it means you might have to learn the unique features from scratch.

2. Practice With Free Games

The beauty of online casinos is that they offer free-to-play slots games. These serve as both a casual risk-free alternative, as well as a great way to practice and learn to play, without having to spend any money. 

3. Watch Out For The Gambler’s Fallacy

The “Gambler’s Fallacy” is the all too common and misguided notion that, for instance, a win is “just around the corner”. The truth is that no matter how many attempts are made, the odds never change, and one is just a likely to win or lose in the first try as in the twentieth, and so on. 

4. Study The Paytable & RTP

A far better way to improve your chances is to look at things like RTP, the return-to-player percentage, and gain a good understanding of how it works in relation to odds and house edge. RTP is the average percentage that a player can expect to win over time, while house edge is the average percentage of loss. Both are built-in factors of the games, and are meant as a guide for betting, as well as a means for casinos to ensure their profit. 

The RTP for each winning combination can be viewed in the game’s paytable. Studying the paytable well, and knowing your options while you play, will vastly improve your chances.

5. Check Out The Progressive Jackpots

Many sites like Crypto Thrills Casino nowadays offer progressive jackpot games. These games have ongoing accumulating jackpots that can reach impressive amounts of well over $1 million. While these games often have a high house edge, the reward is often worth it.

6. Practice Smart Bankroll Management

One of the most basic, though easier-said-then-done methods of improving your chances is by simply managing your money in a responsible manner.

Allocate a certain amount of funds as your bankroll and keep a strict loss limit. To mitigate the time-based loss factor of house edge, try and keep the rate and frequency of your bets and games to a slow and steady pace.