1. Take Note Of Your Opponents

In any competition knowledge of your opponents is usually an advantage. Although the tournament opponents are online, and much is hidden compared to regular poker, one can still get a good idea of a player’s style and personality through how they play. They may even have a bio somewhere for you to read. Try and keep notes though, either mentally or even with a notebook, and build a profile for each opponent as you go. This could become useful strategic information, in both offensive and defensive play.

2. Check The Rankings

One way of getting an idea of your opponents is to check the various online poker tournament ranking sites available around the internet. Many of these sites have valuable information and stats about players, that include wins, buy-in rates, tournaments entered, and more. 

3. Keep Your Yourself Free Of Distraction & Interruption

Even though being able to play online poker from a location of your choice is a huge benefit, the convenience of it can also be taken for granted, and for a tournament you’ll want to take things seriously. It is therefore very necessary to try and make sure, well beforehand, that your surrounding environment is adequately set up and away from any sort of distraction. 

Ensure that you have good seating, and a decent, steady internet connection at all times. Also try and utilise the breaks between games to stretch, use the toilet, and do what you need to do to keep your mind sharp and ready.

4. Get Familiar With the HUD

The HUD, heads-up display, meaning all the info and option buttons that are around your screen at any given moment, is a very useful general tool for players. It is especially handy when it comes to playing multiple tables and keeping track of them. Getting comfortable with the HUD will allow you to become a more fluid, decisive, and aware player.

5. Utilise The Betting Presets

A common feature in online poker is the option to use presets for bet sizes. While keeping note of your opponent’s stack, you can use the presets to quickly and easily adjust your own. This is another way to maintain a smooth and decisive game. 

6. Play Multiple Tables

One of the most common ways of getting ahead in ranks in online poker tournaments is by playing multiple tables, as this has proven to be the fastest way to increase win rate and return of investment. One needs to be careful here though. Playing too many tables can easily lead to confusion and disaster. So, try to take on only as much as you can comfortably handle or have some fun at Big Dollar Casino instead.

7. Play Tournaments That Suit Your Budget

While the big tournaments and their prizes can be enticing, they often also come with big buy-ins. To avoid risking a financially damaging outcome, try to select your tournament according to what you can afford to lose, rather than what you hope to win.