In an interview, goaltender Henrik Lundqvist revealed that he will always be part of the New York Rangers for the rest of his life. The players showed their emotion for the Rangers’ franchise.

He said via real money casinos online: “I’ll be a part of the Rangers for the rest of my life, in one way or another. Both I and the Rangers have been clear about that. That’s how it will be.”

Johan Rylander, who is responsible for the interview, for more clarity, asked if that meant a job with the team after he retired professionally, he said: “Yes, it will be the role they want it to be.

“I don’t know if the role will be small or if there will be something more.” Lundqvist continued. “It is further ahead. It’s all about timing. It’s just not now.”

Having played for the New York Rangers for 15 years, you can imagine the emotions the player had gathered over the years, and we know that old habits die hard. Since the player still lives in New York with his family and the temporary training facility is in New Jersey, he was asked if he ever took the wrong exit.

“Yes! I actually missed one of the first few weeks,” Henrik, who is also known as Hank, laughed. “I was wandering in my mind then I realized I was on my way to Rangers’ training rink, and not to New Jersey. But it’s only happened once so far!”

Henrik had a hard time leaving the New York Rangers franchise, having joined Washington Capitals, he was asked what he felt for the reactions on social media: “Sometimes I check a few reactions, I do,” Henrik admitted via “But I do not know what the feedback has been this time.”

Johan, the interviewer, then said to the player that the overall response from the New York Rangers fans was positive, to which Lundqvist said: “Yes, it still is like that. I sometimes find myself feeling the same way.”

“I’ve been through it so much in my head that I’m ready for the next chapter,” Henrik admitted. “I’ve also been working on it for quite some time that it’s coming to end here in New York.”

“For many fans, they have become accustomed to me being here for 15 years and being part of the organization and suddenly I’m not.” His sentiments are felt by so many fans in New York.

“It takes time to get used to it, maybe…”