Best betting platforms ranked

What are the criteria when it comes to choosing the best online casino? You have to keep in mind many points in order to pick the right platform. 

First of all, there isn’t one best casino for everyone. It’s an individual thing that depends on your location, game preferences, goals in gambling and other features. For that reason you need to look through a lot of different websites and compare their characteristics. That’s exactly what you can do with the help of our rating of best betting websites.

Apart from being a personal choice of every player, a preferred online casino should be the result of a thoughtful comparison of many companies. Besides, things are constantly changing. Due to that we would advise you to monitor the gambling market once in a while just to keep track of what’s going on in the industry. Below we share the essential points that will be helpful on your way to the perfect casino.

Game library

We start from the game selection as it is a key factor for players. If you don’t see your favourite game among others on a betting site, you’ll not stay there, whatever promotion or welcome bonus they offer.That’s why it’s the first thing we look out for when visiting an online casino. 

That is quite another matter if you are a beginner and haven’t yet defined your favourite casino games. Well, in such a case try the ones with the best bonuses provided at the moment to increase your profit. 


It would be careless not to take advantage from the bonuses offered in casinos. Search for the ones that are connected with the games you usually play or with other options that are convenient for you. It will bring you more pleasant gaming experience and more opportunities to win.

Payment methods

Don’t forget what is the ultimate goal of playing in online casinos apart from entertaining yourself. At the end of a session you want to collect your wins by using the payment option you always use without creating any extra bank accounts or doing other unnecessary and inconvenient things. Therefore always check the Deposit and Withdrawal section on an online casino website. Make sure they provide an opportunity of transactions through a banking system or a web wallet that is comfortable for you.