There is no arguing with the fact that online slots resemble by far the most popular type of gambling game in the 21st century, with there being tens of thousands of games at Wizard Slots to choose from for the millions of gamblers out there today. Seriously, developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Big Time Gaming have proven to be influential in ensuring that the online slots industry continues to grow, attracting millions of new slot gamblers every single year. 

One of the best things about online slots is the fact that there is so much choice immediately available at your fingertips, so gamblers can give themselves the best chance of actually winning some money on them. This ties into the art of honestly cheating your way to victory at online slots, something that is massively just down to what game you end up playing. Anyway, let’s get into an article exploring some honest ways to cheat at online slots. 

Find the best online slot deposit offers 

With the online slots industry being so incredibly competitive these days online casinos are having to do as much as they can in order to attract new players to their sites, and this has resulted in many online casino sites offering some pretty tempting slot deposit bonuses. Seriously, these online slot deposit offers very often resemble pretty much the gift of free money, so it is definitely well worth checking them out. 

In most cases these online slot deposit offers revolve around a cash back offer. For example, an online casino site could offer a 100% up to £100 cash back deposit offer, which means that gamblers can receive up to £100 of money on top of a £100 deposit. They must satisfy all the terms and conditions, however, and these usually revolve around betting a certain amount of money up front. 

Pick online slots with the highest RTP 

One great thing about online slots is the fact that developers and online casino sites are legally obliged to disclose the RTP of their games in most cases – great news for us slot gamblers. You see, RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is given as a percentage that indicates how much a gambler can expect to see back from his stake over a session on the slots. 

The average RTP is generally quoted as being around the 96% mark, so it is usually a good idea to aim for games that have a higher RTP. This is one of the best honest ways to cheat at online slots, so check out games such as Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix, slots that have some seriously good RTP ratings! 

Try methods such as counting the average number of spins before a win 

Some particularly savvy online slot gamblers have created a strategy in which they count the average number of slot spins before a win. In order to do this you simply have to note how many losing spins happen before you win something, and after a few goes you will have a fairly accurate average. 

Now, with the average number of spins you can choose when to place larger bets in accordance with the probability of winning!