Playing online casinos can be quite fun and entertaining, however for some players it stops being just a game when they realize that they have an issue when it comes to gambling. For some players these means facing the fact that they are addicted to gambling.

When players start to deal with the consequences from their betting habits, they need to make healthier decisions in order to protect themselves, protect their money, their assets, and the people that surround them too. Players with gambling addictions aren’t just affecting themselves but also their family and friends as well.

For some gamblers it might be difficult to stop gambling as they might not know how to stop in the first place, but the important aspect here is for the player to realize when they have a problem in order to receive any help of any kind. In addition, for that same reason there are sites like Gamstop that help the gambler to sign up for a service that allows them to self-exclude themselves from the online casinos for a certain period of time. The only downside of this service is that although it is affiliated with lots of casinos in order to ban you from playing, there are still betting sites that are not necessarily in Gamstop, for example the ones that you can find in

How does Gamstop work with other casino sites?

Given that Gamstop works privately with different casino companies, they help the gambler to avoid visiting any online casinos or gambling sites, as they block this information from their website and they also restrict their access into any of these platforms. However, this only works for the casinos that are affiliated with Gamstop, there are tons out there that work individually and that are excluded from what this site stands for.

So what exactly are betting sites not on Gamstop?

Since Gamstop follows the UK regulations, it only works with casinos that are licensed and that work under the UKGC standards. The UKGC is known for being a gambling authority for all UK casinos or gambling related sites; through these they regulate that all casino sites act in accordance to the same laws as well as that they all operate ethically, and with transparency.

A “not on Gamstop” betting site is a casino platform that operates outside of the UK regulations. These not on Gamstop sites are still in majority licensed and also follow rules however they are slightly different as they don’t belong to the UK. Some of these not on Gamstop sites are equipped with everything that the player might need, new games, customer service, and other services such as help with resetting xbox.

These alternative options to Gamstop are also quite favorable and entertaining, just make sure as a player that you always play respectfully and think things over correctly in order to avoid any compulsive playing which tends to lead towards addiction.