Rangers Stadium Series Jersey Revealed

…for the most part, I'm a fan and think it's easily the best of the Stadium Series jerseys I've seen. Very much of a modern feel while keeping with some of the traditional staples. Very reminiscent of the white Lady Liberty jersey, but also has a touch of the style used in past Team USA Olympic hockey uniforms.

…as I mentioned earlier, I'm very happy to see the "NEW YORK"on the front. Not a fan of another logo style jersey similar to what we saw for the Winter Classic. The Rangers are about celebrating the team's history and for almost all of their tenure in the NHL they've had lettering, not a logo, on the front of the jersey. I also feel the chrome color, which I'm assuming the NHL made mandatory on the these Stadium Series jerseys, fits in nicely with the red, white and blue color scheme. Also glad to see them keep the shoulder piping which is a hallmark of the Rangers white jersey.

…as far as dislikes. Not a fan at all of the blue that goes from the armpit to the bottom of the jersey. Gives it a practice jersey feel. And while I like the color scheme of the arm striping, I don't like that it's on an angle. I like the traditional look the Rangers current jersey has.

Best part about the unveiling of the jersey was the video which was very creative…

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