The Broadway Hat’s Thoughts on the 2013-14 Season

By The Broadway Hat (@AJCastigliaa and check it out on YouTube). It’s been over a week since the Rangers lost to the Kings in double OT in the Stanley Cup Final and the pain remains. I still can’t watch, read or hear anything related to hockey. Every time I see something on my Twitter timeline […]

Ramblings of a Broadway Hat: Well It’s Been an Interesting 2-3 Weeks

(Disclaimer: I wrote this during the week of 11/5/12, if the zombie apocalypse has happened in the weeks following, to the survivor reading this, best of luck to you and the rest of humanity.) Hurricane Sandy, the 2012 Election and winter storm Athena. I’m fully expecting a zombie outbreak next week. Lots of communities all […]

Ramblings of a Broadway Hat: I Just Don’t Get Hockey

When I told my wife that she was going to enjoy this article, she glanced over at the title and let out a huge sigh. She’s French Canadian, so being loud, obnoxious and loving hockey is in her blood. She despises, ABSOLUTELY HATES baseball, football, basketball and almost all other sports that end in “-ball” […]

Rangers Ranked #1 in EA Sports/ESPN NHL ’13 Season Simulation

While there's no way it'll be better than The New York Rangers Blog faux recaps, EA Sports and ESPN have teamed to up to simulate the entire 2012-13 NHL season using NHL '13. Here's their season preview in which they rank the Rangers #1… …definitely a cool idea. And much easier than coming up with […]

Ramblings of a Broadway Hat: The New York Rangers Fan

Living so close to Madison Square Garden nets me the privilege of going to many Rangers home games. There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie and sense of pride you get seeing an ocean of blue and white jerseys. You get to experience decades of Rangers history just by reading the nameplates on the backs of […]

Ramblings of a Broadway Hat: Banging on the Glass Half Empty

At this point of the year, I would have already attended at least one NYR pre-season game with Mrs. Hat, Hat Jr., and be looking for home opener tickets. But as I’m sure you’re all quite aware, that is going to be impossible now. I used to live out in Vegas once upon a time, […]

Ramblings of a Broadway Hat: The God Damn Power Play

Dear The NYR Blog readers and Rangers fans, This is your friend @TheBroadwayHat. I hope you’re all familiar with me and my shenanigans on Twitter. I have blown in from Twitter and have landed on TheNYRBlog. About a month and a half ago, Kevin reached out to me and asked quite nicely (probably drunk), if […]