Why Are The Rangers Getting Rid Of Their Fourth Line?

A very disturbing trend seems to be taking place this offseason for the Rangers…the very integral fourth line is being split up.

The first shoe to drop was the jettisoning of Derek Dorsett to the Canucks yesterday for a third round pick.

Add that to Brian Boyle choosing free agency over negotiating a new contract with the Rangers along with Larry Brooks calling Dominic Moore’s future on Broadway “iffy” and the Blueshirts most consistent line last season is likely headed the way of ‘N Sync…

Somehow, the last man standing on the fourth line could be UFA Dan Carcillo, who looked more like dead man walking after his altercation with a linesman in the Eastern Conference Finals. But Brooks feels, with the Dorsett trade, the agitator is likely to sign a deal with the Rangers in the $750-800,000 range.


…i get that the $69M salary cap for next season ended up being a little lower than most anticipated, but the idea of breaking up one of the best fourth lines in the league is upsetting. If there’s one thing Rangers fans have learned the last few playoff runs is how significant a fourth line can be to the success of a club.

…if you thought fan outrage over the loss of players such as Prust, Dubinsky and Fedotenko was loud two years ago, just wait for the insanity if the Rangers struggle to begin next season after the only fourth line player retained is Carcillo.

…now I’m not saying the Rangers should be overpaying to re-sign these players, but i’d be much happier if they found a way to bring back Moore and then possibly obtain a Steve Ott, who Sather could maybe get on the cheap after a disappointing season in Buffalo and St. Louis. If Ott proves to be too expensive then I wouldn’t mind Vigneault giving Lindberg a chance to prove he’s an NHL caliber prospect.

…the guys we’re talking about losing aren’t just bottom 12 grinders, they’re also essential parts of the Rangers penalty kill as well as energy generators. The Rangers could survive losing half of their four headed fourth line monster, but more than that could prove devastating to their chances of getting back to the Stanley Cup Final.


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