Watch: Phil Esposito Goes on Expletive-Laced Rant on St. Louis Rumors, Callahan

Earlier this week, HOFer and former Ranger Phil Esposito was a guest on a sports talk show in the greater Toronto area and proceeded to go an epically uncensored rant about the trade rumors surrounding Martin St. Louis and Ryan Callahan.

After the jump, the main highlights…

On the rumor floating around:

"It's the same as this bullsh*t about Marty St. Louis being traded to f*cking New York for Callahan because he doesn't get along with [Lightning GM Steve] Yzerman. What a bunch of shit that is."

On Ryan Callahan:

"I like him, he's a heart-and-souler, but he couldn't score more than 25 or 30 goals in his f*cking lifetime and he doesn't play all the time because he gets hurt, because he plays like he's 6-foot-5."

Larry Brooks of the NY Post ended up in fray as well:

"Some a**hole in New York that writes for the New York Post, and we all know who he is, decided 'Let me put something out there so maybe we could start some controversy.' It's a bunch of sh*t, it's been going on for as long as I've been involved in the game of hockey,"

The trade deadline is Wednesday, March 5. It just continues to get more and more bizarre.

– Ahh Phil Esposito. Oh Phil. Always good for a quote. Always good to stick his foot in his mouth as well. These comments, while highly entertaining, are just way out of line and without merit.

– I guess Boomer Esiason gets a pass in Espo's eyes for being the one to break the rumored deal. Does he even know who Boomer Esiason is?

– I'd like to point out that Callahan scored a career-high 29 goals back in '11-12, and had 16 in 43 games during the lockout shortened season last year, which would've averaged out to around 25-30 goals.

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