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Torts Pretty Much Hated Being In Vancouver

While we have a little break in Rangers news, I thought I’d pass along this amazing story about John Tortorella.

It’s no secret that his short tenure in Vancouver was an unmitigated disaster. A disciplinarian taking over a well established, veteran team? What could go wrong?

However, it wasn’t Tortorella trying to convince the Sedin twins that blocking shots will lead to victories or his infamous Calgary freak out that sank the S.S. Canuck, it was the fact that the former Rangers head coach basically hated being in Vancouver (via Puck Daddy)…

“Tortorella never actually lived in Vancouver. Instead, he lived in nearby Point Roberts, which is across the American border, but only about a 45-minute drive from Rogers Arena on a good day. For practice days (which were so rare the players complained) Tortorella would drive in for a brief appearance, and then head home, leaving his assistants to handle everything else.

Mike Gillis got so frustrated with his quick turnarounds that the team eventually built a bed into Tortorella’s office so he could take naps there instead of driving home.”

Here’s video of the bed (58 second mark)…

Apparently Torts never used it.

…i always wondered why Torts took that job so quickly after being fired from the Rangers and now I’m even more confused. If anyone needed some time away from the game after the way things fell apart for Tortorella with his players and the media that final season in New York it was him. So why the hell did he take a job in a city he apparently wanted nothing to do with?

…for a coach who seemed so detail oriented it’s baffling that he would only make “brief” appearances at practice. When he was with the Rangers he wanted his hands in everything, which lead to his ultimate demise. Maybe he was trying a 180 in Vancouver. This could explain why a team with players such as the Sedins, Kesler and Garrison struggled so mightily on the power play.

…although, when Torts was the head man in New York you always heard about him not practicing the power play, which the on-ice product obviously proved.

…thankfully for Torts, it doesn’t look like a team is foolish enough to take a chance on him this season. I’ve always maintained that he’d make a perfect college coach. I’d love to see him take a year off, collect himself then get back into coaching on the collegiate level. And then hopefully one day work his way back in the NHL, because in a sport with very few colorful characters, he might have been the best. 


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