Therrien Blames Lack of Calls for Loss; Subban Says Lundqvist Getting Lucky

First they blamed Chris Kreider for taking out their goaltender, now the Canadiens are blaming the refs for their Game 2 loss. Here’s head coach Michel Therrien after being asked if he received an explanation from the referee on the Alex Galchenyuk tripping penalty on Carl Hagelin…

“To win hockey games, you need some breaks and you need some calls at the right time. I’m sure that the referee had a chance to review the call and take a different version of what he called. It happened fast. To win a hockey game you need breaks and you need calls. And right now we don’t have those breaks and tonight we didn’t get those calls at the right time.”

The Canadiens had four power play opportunities in Game 2, while the Rangers had just three.


…yeah Therrien, you had two of your players negate power plays with complete stupidity, but it’s the refs fault you lost. Also, getting calls only helps when you’re actually converting with the extra man. And the last time I checked you weren’t (0-for-7 in the series). Pouliot served you up a prime opportunity to get back into Game 2 on silver platter and your team pissed it all away.

…i’m absolutely loving the lack of self responsibility. Instead of looking in the mirror to see why his team isn’t having success in this series, Therrien has decided to get caught up in the blame game. As soon as you refuse to acknowledge the real origin of your problems, you’ve lost. 

…meanwhile on the other bench, AV remains stoic and unfazed by any and all adversity that comes his way. The Rangers head coach has had a hell of a postseason up until this point.

And while his coach is blaming the officials and bad breaks, PK Subban feels that Henrik Lundqvist is getting lucky (via NESN)…

“Sometimes the puck just doesn’t go in. In the past, we’ve done those same things and the puck’s gone in. So I mean, is (Lundqvist) playing well? Yeah, but we’re doing a good job. Some of it is luck, as well. He’s getting a little bit lucky, but that’s what you need in the playoffs.”

…is this guy kidding me? Subban has been an absolute no show in the series up until this point and he has the nerve to describe Lundqvist’s superior goaltending as luck? Talk about living in fantasyland. The Canadiens are absolutely falling apart in front of our eyes and I’m loving every second of it.

…would love to hear Subban explain how this save is all luck…


I think Marshall over at the Bruins blog Day’s of Y’orr puts it perfectly…


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