There’s Ice at Yankee Stadium; Talbot’s Stadium Series Mask

The closer we get to the Stadium Series games at Yankee Stadium the more excited I get, so you can imagine how pumped I was watching this time lapse that shows ice has been laid down at the House that Ruth Built…

Speaking of the Stadium Series, apparently Cam Talbot had his own Yankee themed mask created…

…can't go wrong with Stay Puff holding a baseball bat.

…after seeing this mask the obvious question is whether this means Talbot is going to start one of the two games. I mean, Talbot only makes $500K, not sure why he'd want to drop a large chunk of change on a mask he won't wear. Although, he could auction it for charity, which would be pretty awesome.

Rangers website beat writer Jim Cerny says that the mask doesn't necessarily mean Talbot will be getting a chance at Yankee Stadium.

The NHL has also announced that they will be creating a fan zone inside Yankee Stadium for fans to enjoy before and during the games. For more information, click here.

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