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TheNYRBlog Rick Nash Challenge

Everyone is aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has swept the world by storm raising tens of millions of dollars to combat that terrible disease.

Well, I have a different kind of challenge for Blueshirt fans, that, if done correctly, could lead to a Stanley Cup for the Rangers.

It’s no secret that Rick Nash has hit rock bottom in New York. He’s suffered multiple concussions, been completely snake bit in the postseason and has even felt the wrath of the Garden Faithful on home ice.

I can’t imagine this guy has much confidence in himself these days. If there’s one thing I know about professional athletes, it’s that they can’t compete at a high level while doubting themselves and their God given talent. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that’s where Nash’s head is at right now.

Listen, I get Rangers fans’ ire towards Nash. When your team gives up two fan favorites, a former first round pick and a future first round pick for the services of a premiere player you expect elite performances on a gamely basis. Instead, we’ve barely gotten it on a monthly basis.

But let me ask you this, how is all the negative energy directed towards Nash going to help him rebound? If there’s anyone who’s in need of a paradigm shift it’s big number 61.

And I’m just as guilty as the next Rangers fan in this regard. Hell, last week I criticized the guy for not participating in an optional, informal practice. Seriously, Kevin? Seriously?

However, if we Rangers fans are being honest with ourselves, we’ll readily admit that any aspirations the Blueshirts have of getting back to the Stanley Cup Final fall squarely on the shoulders of Nash and his ability to revert back to his Columbus days when he was doing this…

So, in an effort to attract goal scoring prosperity to the beleaguered forward, I’ve decided to nominate every Rangers fan to take TheNYRBlog Rick Nash Challenge. Let’s dispose of the negative vibrations being emitted from Nash by getting behind the guy from the drop of the puck this season.

No more bemoaning shots from the perimeter, hating on his perceived lack of effort or criticizing his inability to put the team on his back.

Instead, let’s build him up by cheering wildly when his name is announced in the starting line-up, applauding scoring chances and saluting him for no other reason than he’s wearing a Blueshirt.

The more faith we have in Nash, the more faith he’ll ultimately have in himself.

If you accept this challenge, I beg you to display a sense of patience. Please don’t default back to your Nash bashing ways after just one scoreless week or even month. It sometimes takes a little time for a person to reprogram themselves. (Someone please remind me of this after my first post game critique.)

There you have it Rangers fans. The success of the 2014-15 Blueshirts is literally in your hands. Will you take advantage of this opportunity presented in front of you or let it slip through your fingers? The choice is up to you.


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