The Puck Was Past Lundqvist?!?!?!

It’s difficult for me to even write a post about the play as I’m still sick to my stomach over it. But what makes the non-call on the obvious Dwight King interference on Henrik Lundqvist even harder to digest was the referee’s explanation as to why the goal was able to stand. Here’s Henrik Lundqvist on what he was told…

“I’m extremely disappointing on the call or non call. They have to be consistent with that rule. In the second they called the penalty and the puck wasn’t even there. They score a goal and I can’t even move,” Lundqvist explained. “It’s extremely frustrating for them to get life like that. After that it’s a different game. I don’t expect a penalty on the play but they need to blow the whistle and the goalie can’t move with a guy on top of you like that. It’s such an important play and I don’t buy the explanation but we need to move on. It was a good game and we were strong and again, we are close but it’s not enough.

“[The ref] said that the puck was already past me and I don’t buy it. It’s a wrist shot that I will just reach out for and it’s a different game after that. It’s an important play in the game and they just need to be better.”

…really ref, it was behind him?…


…then what is that black, rubber disc looking thing hurtling towards Lundqvist while King is obviously leaning on him?

…again, King entered the crease on his own while McDonagh tried to box him out. At no point did McDonagh shove King into Lundqvist. The contact was completely initiated by King.


I’m not one for conspiracy theories (ok maybe sometimes), but a look at who one of the referees was last night might tell you all you need to know about why there was no call (via Scouting the Refs).

* The Kings’ have an eight-game winning streak when Wes McCauley referees. Their last loss under McCauley was in the 2013 Western Conference final – a 2-1 loss to Chicago.

* The Kings have won 10 straight games at home with McCauley refereeing. Their last home loss under McCauley was to the Stars in December of 2011.

…i guess you can make that a nine-game winning streak and 11 straight wins at home with McCauley refereeing for the Kings. 

…McCauley was also the ref for Game 7 of Blackhawks/Kings and missed an obvious high stick goal from Jeff Carter which the NHL deemed inconclusive. I’m not saying McCauley is in the tank for the Kings, but I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves.

…could also explain the missed delay of game call in overtime as well..


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