The Comeback Starts Tonight


I’ve had enough talk about fans booing Rick Nash. I’m done with phony Marc Staal head hunting controversies. And I’m definitely finished with trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with the Rangers power play. It’s time to focus on winning.

Sure it looks bleak. But it also looked just as daunting for Blackhawk fans down 3-1 against the Red Wings last year. And I’m assuming Kings fans weren’t exactly encouraged about their squad just a few weeks ago.

Those two fan bases undoubtedly felt their teams had no heart, no passion and were resigned to the fact that their opponent was just the superior team.

However, what makes sports so great is that it’s literally not over until the final whistle, horn or out. Just ask Mets fans…

Now it’s up to the Rangers to do something they’ve never done in the history of the franchise…comeback from a 3-1 deficit.

In the 26 seasons since all NHL playoff rounds were expanded to best-of-seven series in 1987, 24 teams have comeback from a 3-1 deficit to win their series, including five in the last five years.

Here’s some Rangers on the very achievable task (via Bergen Record)…

Henrik Lundqvist…

“It’s now or never. You go out there and we have to leave everything we’ve got out there. There’s no other way around it. We have to stick together.”

Marc Staal…

“Near the end of the year there, we were headed either out of the playoffs or we were going in and we turned it around and went on a run and made it happen. So, I think we can learn from that how quickly things can turn and change for a hockey team. It starts with one win and that’s our focus right now.”

Brad Richards (via New York Post)…

“Win a game, and the whole mood of everything just changes — from being down after that performance [Wednesday] night, to we’re in it. Win a game, and this series is still far from over. That’s the only way to really do it.”

So let’s put aside Nash’s o’fer in the playoffs. Wipe the current power play goalless streak from our minds. And give these guys a clean slate for Game 5.

Let’s hope they grab it.


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