Stralman Has Long Term, $5M Per Offer; Pouliot Meets With Senators; Rangers Call About Glass

With an all out free agency frenzy expected to occur at noon today, I figured I’d do a purge post with every rumor and insider information on the Rangers I could find. And here we go:

Pierre LeBrun at says Anton Stralman has a long-term offer worth between $4.5 million and $5 million coming his way from another team.

…you know free agency is out of control when a defenseman who scored ONE GOAL last season can command and likely get $5 million per year.

…i’m pretty sure you’d all want to burn Sather at the stake if he gave a defenseman who had just 13 points last season a long term $5 million per year contract.

One player who has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Stralman is Devils free agent Mark Fayne, who Larry Brooks at the New York Post says is looking for a $3 million per year deal.

For more on Fayne, click here.

…the more I hear about the 27-year old Fayne, the more I feel he’d be the perfect replacement for Stralman. Unfortunately, he doesn’t address the Rangers need to upgrade the power play point.

Unless of course you guys are interested in bringing back Michael Del Zotto on the cheap…


In other Rangers UFA news, Beniot Pouliot is apparently making the rounds…

Pouliot is expected to receive multiple offers for at least $9 million over three years today.

…enjoy Ottawa, Poops. For his sake, I hope the Senators have a 5′ 6″ winger and a former first round pick who’s finally coming into his own for Poopsalot to play with.

A new name making the rounds among Rangers fans as a possible Pouliot replacement is 33-year old Radim Vrbata. The Coyotes have said the winger’s asking price is too high, so he’ll be on the market.

Vrbata, who just finished a three-year, $9M deal, had 20g, 31a in 80 games this past season, while his possession stats are pretty good as he’s averaged a 51.2% Corsi (% of team shot attempts for with player on the ice vs. against) the last two seasons.

…if the Rangers aren’t going to pay Pouliot three-years, $9M, why the hell would they pay the older Vrbata more? No thanks.

Meanwhile, according to Larry Brooks at the Post, Brian Boyle is somehow miffed he hasn’t received an offer from the Rangers despite his agent initially requested a deal similar to what he can get elsewhere which is well beyond the Rangers’ reach.

…yeah, no idea why the Rangers aren’t offering Boyle a deal after he shoved a proposal in their face he knew they couldn’t afford. Baffling.

In other fourth line news, Dominic Moore is still looking for a three-year contract in the neighborhood of $1.7 million per while the Blueshirts are believed to be more interested in a two-year deal for slightly less money per.

…ummm, two year deal at $1.75M. What’s so difficult fellas?

So what’s the Rangers plan if both Boyle and Moore bolt?…

…Glass, who had 4g, 9a for the Penguins last season, can skate, plays with an edge, blocks shots and can assist on on the penalty kill, plus he’d come at a price tag of not more than $1 million per. Sounds like a fan favorite in the making, right? Not so fast as his possession stats were some of the worst in the league finishing with a 39.3% Corsi last year which was 11.7% worse than the Penguins average. Not sure how a guy with those paltry #fancystats is supposed to mesh in AV’s system that preaches puck possession.

…although, Glass does like to fight Wayne Simmonds, which is always a great way to get Rangers fans on his side…

Now, to one of the Rangers biggest needs…a #1 center. Paul Stastny and the Colorado Avalanche couldn’t complete a deal yesterday, which means the 28-year-old center will become an unrestricted free agent this afternoon. However, at this point it looks like Stastny is still interested in staying in Colorado with a fallback plan of signing with the St. Louis Blues.

The Rangers have suggested Stastny’s price tag is too rich for them.

Currently, there aren’t any legitimate rumors tying the Rangers to Jason Spezza or Joe Thornton.

…if Sather decides to go all in on Stastny and give him close to the $8M it would likely take to get him to New York, expect every hole in the line-up to be filled by an unproved prospect from the Rangers system. Sather would be taking a big chance that the adjustment period for his young newbies would be of the short variety.

A more likely target could be Mathieu Perreault, who will become a UFA today because Anaheim did not extend him a qualifying offer due to their log jam at center.

The 26-year old Perreault had 18g, 25a last season (4g, 5a on the power play), while averaging just 13:25 of ice time in 69 games. Perreault has averaged a Corsi % in the low 50s his entire career (was in Washington before Anaheim) so he fits the mold of an AV player. He’s also very comfortable in the faceoff circle as he had a 52.7% success rate last season.

He’d likely come cheap as he just finished a two-year, $1.050 per contract.

…Perreault is far from being a #1 center, but he should be able to replicate Richards’ production from last season. Let’s see…a young, cheap player, who seems to know his role. Sounds exactly like the kind of guy Sather is looking for.

…now that I’ve pointed out all these rumors, expect Sather to pull a couple of rabbits out of his hat and blind-side us with some signings and trades we never saw coming. Should be an excruciating fun day for Rangers fans. 

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