Stepan Can’t Eat Solid Food for Six Weeks

Katie Strang at reports that Derek Stepan won’t be able to eat solid food for the next six weeks due to the surgery he had to repair his broken jaw last weekend.

Stepan told Strang that the jaw feels “not too bad.”

…it was unbelievable enough that Stepan was able to suit up three days after surgery, but for him to actually produce was amazing. It truly is astounding how much this team thrives on adversity. Not sure I’ve witnessed a Rangers team as mentally strong as this one. Nothing drives that point home more than the Rangers bounce back performance in Game 6 after arguably their worst performance this postseason in Game 5. 

…while every Rangers player appreciates the extended vacation between series, no player is going to benefit more than Stepan.

Meanwhile, Stepan took the high road with the man who broke his jaw, as they hugged it out during the series ending hand-shake…


After the game, Stepan said this about Prust (via…

“I’m not going to hold it against him. He feels bad about it, he knows it was late. We’ll just move on.”

…damn, Stepan’s a better man than I am. I probably would have gone all Lucic on Prust in the hand-shake line if he’d done that to me.

…is it me or does Prust give Stepan a shot to the jaw while they’re talking? Jesus Prust, haven’t you done enough already.


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