Staal Answers to Phony Head Shot Controversy

On Tuesday, Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review wrote a scathing article aimed at Marc Staal for two head shots landed on Sidney Crosby in Game 3.

During Mr. Kovacevic’s one-sided argument, he neither points out that Staal had his eyes on the play, not Crosby’s head, during the initial cross check which was thrown a fraction of a second after the super star center hunched over changing the target area from his upper back to the back of his neck nor that the slash seconds later would have fallen harmlessly on the Penguin captain’s glove if he didn’t trip over the side of net.

Staal was 100% careless with his stick and should have spent two minutes in the penalty box for each infraction, but neither was a premeditated act to injure.

Apparently, that wasn’t the end of Kovacevic’s witch hunt as he again went after Staal this morning for this play last night…


“In the event any extra incentive is needed, the Penguins would do well to focus on New York defenseman/headhunter/pylon-on-Jokinen’s-goal Marc Staal, who again went after Sidney Crosby’s head in third period, this time at least sparing the stick and going with the elbow. Still from behind, of course.”

Is this guy serious? Crosby sees Staal coming, turns and ducks. Staal’s left forearm then gets Crosby in the back and when falling over his right hand glances off the back of #87’s helmet pushing his visor into his face.

Where is this vicious elbow to the head? Someone please explain to me!

Even Kovacevic’s partners in crime in the Pittsburgh media disagree with this ridiculous narrative…

Again, the hit was only high because Crosby ducked.

Meanwhile, instead of figuring out why he morphed into the second coming of Wade Redden last night, Staal spent today answering questions regarding this phony controversy (via Daily News)…

“That’s new to me. I’m not purposely trying to go for anybody’s head. I for one should know the cost of that.”

Yes, a man who has gone through his own trials and tribulations with concussions is somehow being labeled a head hunter. Amazing.


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