St. Louis Nominated for Lady Byng

St. Louis will be going for his fourth Lady Byng in the last five years.

…obviously a large reason for this nomination is due to the work he did in Tampa, so while it’s great to see a Ranger nominated, it’s not the same as if it was for a player who was with the team all season.

…i’m also seeing a lot of questioning of the St. Louis nomination because of the way he ended things in Tampa. While fair, I think the award has a lot more to do with on-ice performance than any squabbling he had with management over an Olympic snub. He almost single-handedly kept Tampa’s offense afloat when Stamkos went down earlier in the year, while only being assessed 10 penalty minutes — fewest among the League’s top 20 scorers. In my opinion, he deserves the nomination.


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