St. Louis Family Forced to Change Funeral Arrangements Due to Corporate Greed

Since the passing of Martin St. Louis’ mother I’ve been so impressed with the response from the entire Rangers organization. From the coaches to the players to the executives. As is always the case with the Blueshirt franchise they have been all class.

They went out of their way to immediately escort St. Louis to Montreal, with no expectations other than making sure he was there for his family.

And when he did return the next day to join the club for the first step of what would become a historic comeback, his teammates were right by his side to support him through that tragic time.

Also credit to the Penguins organization and players who went out of their way to express their condolences after hearing the news as well as naming him the third star of Game 5 despite being pointless with just one shot on goal. Having the strength to put on a uniform that night was reason enough to honor him as one of the best players on the ice.

Unfortunately, that same tact and sensitivity has not found it’s way NHL headquarters or NBC Studios as they denied the Rangers request to move Saturday’s game to the evening so that St. Louis could attend his mother’s funeral that was initially scheduled for that day.

The NHL cited television conflicts as the reasoning. The Preakness is scheduled to run at around 6:20 p.m.

Once the family was informed that the game would indeed be scheduled on Saturday afternoon, they moved the ceremony to Sunday.

Thankfully, the Rangers decency prevailed again, as Alain Vigneault announced that the reprehensible actions of the NHL will now allow the entire team to attend the funeral.

…i’m actually sick to my stomach because of the actions of the NHL and NBC. I understand that they can’t move the Preakness, but the last time I checked they have this other channel that they’ve televised 90% of the playoff games on this postseason called NBC Sports Network. I’m assuming bouncing the previously scheduled bowling, ping pong or whatever leisurely activity they’re trying to pass on as a real sport wouldn’t exactly disrupt the masses. The bottom line is that the soulless executives at NHL and NBC could have rescheduled the game, they just chose not to. Instead of doing the right thing for a player who has shown class and respect throughout his career, they decided instead to do what was right for the financial interest of the NHL. Disgusting.


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