Simmonds Gutless Slash on McDonagh

As if you didn’t already think the Flyers were a bunch of neanderthals, they of course resorted to cheap shots in the final minute of a game they laid a complete egg including this Wayne Simmonds slash on Ryan McDonagh that had every Rangers fan’s heart in their throat…

McDonagh seemed fine during post game interviews.

…so I guess when Simmonds said the Rangers were going to know what the “Flyers are bringing to the the table,” he meant gutless hockey.

…i’ve actually praised Simmonds on the blog as a player I’d love the Rangers to acquire, but eff that now. Complete disrespect for the game and disregard for a fellow player. That slash could have easily broke McDonagh’s wrist or hand.

…but what else would you expect from a player wearing orange and black. Flyer typical.

H/T to Alex Nunn.


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