Sather Pulls Plug on Kreider’s Season

In another sign of the Ranger medical staff’s ineptitude, Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that Glen Sather went over the heads of team “doctors” to make an executive decision to pull Chris Kreider from the lineup when advised there could be substantial long-term risk in not correcting his broken hand immediately.

Brooks adds that Kreider, who had surgery to repair the damage yesterday, wanted to continue playing through the injury. He is out indefinitely.

Kreider suffered the injury last Friday night in Columbus, but was allowed to play the next two games against the Devils and Coyotes.

…it’s not too often I praise Sather on this blog, but that’s a smart decision by the Rangers GM. At just 22-years of age, there is no way Sather can risk lingering or possible permanent damage to their most dynamic young player by allowing him to play through it.

…i’ve never been shy in expressing my sheer abhorrence for the Rangers medical staff and this is just another example of why. Seriously, why the hell does it take an act by the General Manager for the correct recommendation to be made? I’m sure Kreider was begging his way back into the line-up, but the doctors are supposed to do what’s in the best interest of the player’s health, not the team’s success. It’s disgraceful that they allowed him to suit up for TWO games with an injury that required surgery.

…whether it’s providing prescription drugs for a known addict or down playing concussions, the poor and sometimes down right dangerous judgements made by these so-called experts is on par with the maladroit ways of the Mess Mets doctors. And that’s saying a lot. Just ask Ryan Church.


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