Sather Addresses Retirement Rumors

How many different times this year have we heard Rangers GM Glen Sather was retiring after the season? After his prostate cancer surgery back in March of 2013, many speculated that Sather’s time as President and GM was drawing to an end. In June, an ESPN Boston report had Sather considering stepping down over the summer. Just this past week, Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal reported he had ‘heard’ if New York made the playoffs this season, Sather was calling it quits.

Are the rumors of Glen Sather’s demise greatly exaggerated? He spoke with NY Post’s Larry Brooks about the retirement rumors and how they’re simply not true:

“Everybody retires sometime, but I’m not intending to step away or retire from anything this year,” Sather told Slap Shots on Friday in Columbus, Ohio. “I don’t know how stories like this keep coming up, because I haven’t said anything to anybody about retiring. … One day, yes. But not now.”

It makes logical sense for Sather to retire given how the last year has gone for him. At 70, his health is deteriorating and he very rarely makes public appearances now. Still, it doesn’t seem like Sather has any intention of calling it quits any time soon.

“There comes a time where you do think about your lifestyle and maybe some of the things you might do if you weren’t doing this job,” he said. “But that’s not where my thoughts are now. I’m working to build this team into a Stanley Cup winner. That’s my priority. That’s what I’m focused on. … I’m not thinking about stepping back, or a change in my title or in my responsibilities.”

Do I fully believe Sather here? No. I do think he’s putting up a good front.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Sather and the Rangers are typically very tight lipped. I would not be surprised if Sather’s camp has leaked this to a select few people. I also wouldn’t be surprised, regardless of how the season ends up, to hear Sather is seriously considering stepping down once again this summer. Health is a major factor here, and there’s a lot we don’t know behind the scenes.

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