Report: “99 Percent Chance” Ryan Callahan Is Traded ; Newest On Girardi Situation

The last couple of days haven't been kind to those hoping for the Rangers and Ryan Callahan to come to a contract agreement anytime soon, but this most recent update from TSN's Darren Dreger effectively puts Callahan's future in New York on life support. Dreger and Bob McKenzie took part in TSN's Insider Trading tonight and discussed, among other things, the Ryan Callahan situation. The news was grave.

"Well, I'm told that it's 99 percent guaranteed that Ryan Callahan will get traded," Dreger asserted. "We know that the St. Louis Blues have been the most consistent in showing interest. There's some connection to the Tampa Bay Lightning and other teams as well."

McKenzie chimed in to confirm this from his end.

"There have been no talks over the Olympic break between Ryan Callahan and the New York Rangers," he said.

Dreger and McKenzie also discussed Dan Girardi's less alarming, but still pressing situation.

"Many predicted that this deal would be done by now to keep Girardi… if he's not signed by March 5th, the trade deadline, there's also a 99 percent chance that he gets traded," said Dreger.

McKenzie, however, brought some optimism to the table.

"There has been ongoing dialogue with Girardi," said McKenzie. "There seems to be a little bit of a difference in term and maybe a little less than $500 thousand dollars a year difference in money, but they're trying to get that done."

As we've covered before, Dreger is, if not at the top of the food chain, then very, very close. While it is possible that a Rangers' source is purposely exaggerating the bleakness of the situation, I don't think we can chalk this up as a "negotiating ploy." Making no mistake; at this point in time it's looking very likely that Ryan Callahan will be departing New York within the next week. The one straw to still grasp to is the possibility that Callahan has a change of heart once faced with an actual reality of leaving the team and informs his agent to dramatically compromise. Don't hold your breath on that, though.

As for Girardi, it's very obviously a much more stable situation. Though the race against the clock certainly makes things difficult, there seems to be enough common ground that a deal could be worked in the coming days. As Dreger said, though, it's mildly surprising that it's even taken this long for a deal to come together. Girardi is still far from safe himself. 

We'll keep you updated.

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