Rangers Willing to Go to Six Years With Callahan As Suitors Dwindle

With Dan Girardi officially back in the fold for the next six years, Glen Sather now has his sights solely set on re-signing his captain despite the two sides being about two-years, $20 million apart.

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says that while Sather has no problem moving Callahan if an extension can't be agree upon by the March 5th trade deadline, the team's preference is to sign the Rochester native.

So much so, that Brooks notes that the Rangers are willing to increase their original offer of five-years, $30 million up to six years, $36 million.

Callahan is said to be looking for a seven-year, $47 million deal.

…once I saw the Rangers gave Girardi six years, I knew they wouldn't have any problem upping their offer for Callahan, which is such a gross overpayment it borders on irresponsible.

…and somehow it's still not enough for Callahan, whose agent apparently hypnotized him into thinking he's the third Sedin twin. Guys of Callahan's skill set shouldn't be turning down that kind of offer they should be getting down on their hands and knees to properly thank their GM for it.

…Sather has done everything he can at this point to get Callahan re-signed, so it's now squarely in the captain's hand. Live in the greatest city in the world for the next six years or pack your long johns for Buffalo.

Speaking of Buffalo, there was a huge trade between the Sabres and Blues last night that directly affects Sather's ability to move Callahan as the Sabres sent Ryan Miller and Steve Ott to the Blues for Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart, prospect William Carrier, a first-round pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, and a conditional draft pick.

The Blues were reportedly a team that was interested in Callahan's services, with Stewart as the likely return for the Rangers captain.

…while trading Callahan to the Blues is likely out because of all the assets St. Louis gave up for Miller and Ott, a possible deal involving Stewart is still a possibility as the Sabres are said to be interested in flipping the 6' 2" forward.

…since we all know of Buffalo's affinity for Callahan, if the Rangers truly have their eyes set on Stewart, it seems like a perfect match if Sather can't re-sign his captain. Unless of course Mr. Yzerman comes calling offering a one-for-one deal involving Martin St. Louis.

Stewart has a year remaining on his contract that pays him $4.15M per year.

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