Rangers Will Be Traveling More This Season

After last season’s insane opening nine-game road trip, you’d assume the Rangers travel schedule would be a breeze this year. Not so fast.

Despite the marathon west coast adventure, the Rangers actually traveled the fewest miles of any team in the NHL last season with just 29,839. San Jose traveled the furthest in 2013-14 with 57,612 miles.

However, this season the Rangers better get used to room service because the NHL schedule makers have added 6,300 miles to their 2014-15 travel itinerary as they’ll now be traveling 36,113 miles which is ninth fewest in the league. Arizona will travel the most with 49,818 miles.

The Rangers have a four game trip that takes them out to Western Canada in December, then a three game California roadie in January. They also have a two-game trip to Colorado and Arizona in February.

The Rangers were tied for the second most road wins in NHL last season with 25.

…hey, nothing wrong with accumulating a couple of extra frequent flyer miles. I always felt that being on the road brings teams together and helps foster chemistry. With a number of new faces expected to be on the Rangers roster this season, the extra travel might not be such a bad thing.

Mileage numbers via Hockey Gear HQ.


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