Rangers in Dan Boyle’s Top Five

Most reports state that Boyle is looking for $5 million per on that two-year deal.

According to Larry Brooks at the New York Post, the Rangers would rather give the 37-year old Boyle a one-year, over 35 contract loaded with bonuses that can be deferred against the cap until 2015-16.

Boyle tallied just 36 (12g, 24a) points last season, which was his lowest since 2007-08 when he only played just 25 games due to wrist surgery. The last healthy season he had lower than 36 points was 2001-02. Having said that his 12 goals and 36 points would have given him the second most in each category on the Rangers. Also half of Boyle’s goals and points were on the power play.

Despite the drop in scoring, his possession numbers remain high as he registered a 53% Corsi (% of team shot attempts for when on the ice vs. against) last season and a 52.9% Corsi in the playoffs which was 6.8% higher than the Sharks postseason average this past spring.

…i’m conflicted on Boyle. Yes, the Rangers need a serious upgrade on the power play point & his presence would give McIlrath & Allen additional years to develop, but signing a declining 37-year old (will be 38 on July 12th) to a $5 million per year deal, seems pretty irresponsible in the salary cap era.

A much better option could be Christian Ehrhoff, who, along with his remaining seven-year, $28M contract, was bought out by the Sabres yesterday.

The left-handed Ehrhoff, who plays on the right side, only averaged 31 points during his three years in Buffalo after averaging 45 the previous three seasons in San Jose and Vancouver. In Erhoff’s two seasons in Vancouver under Alain Vigneault he combined for 12 goals, 39 assists on the power play.

Ehrhoff’s possession numbers struggled in Buffalo as he never had above a 50.1% Corsi, however, in 2013 his Corsi was 8.1% higher than the Sabres average, while this season it was 4.8% higher.

…the 31-year old Ehrhoff had his two most successful NHL seasons under Vigneault in Vancouver, so with him still getting paid by Buffalo maybe he’d take a paycut to play in New York. Three years, $8.4M?

…possession numbers are very telling of a defenseman’s game, but when you play on a team as awful as the Sabres it’s real difficult to get a gauge on where Ehrhoff is defensively. It is encouraging that his Corsi was so much higher than the team’s average.


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