Rangers Haven’t Spoken With Richards About Buyout

The only certainties in life are death, taxes and that Brad Richards will be bought out this summer.

Despite a renaissance this season, which saw the 33-year old hit the 20 goal mark for the ninth time in his career, his contract, which still has six years, $6.67M per left, remains an albatross around the Rangers neck.

But if the Rangers do intend on amnestying Richards, they’ve yet to inform him…

“I want to play well in the playoffs because I want to win, not because of whatever impact that might have on their (buyout) decision, whether it’s been made or not, and that I couldn’t say, because I haven’t talked to anyone in management about it at all.”

Richards admitted that the idea of being bought out weighed on his mind and affected his game last season, however, this year he has not allowed it to impact him.

This offseason is the deadline for teams to amnesty a player under the new collective bargaining agreement.

…while the Rangers might not have told Richards he’s going to be bought out (why would they?), you would have to shock me out of a state of incoherence if they decide against it.

…beyond spending $6.667M per year on a player with diminishing skills, the “Cap Advantage Recapture” penalty looms large if Richards were to retire before the end of his contract. Basically, if Richards were to retire during the final three years of his contract, the remainder of his contract would still be charged against the Rangers cap. I’m sorry, that’s a chance the Rangers cannot take.

…the money they save by amnestying Richards would come in real handy as they attempt to re-sign all their free agents this summer as well as bring in a true number one center. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have Paul Stastny over Brad Richards.


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