Rangers Fans Came Full Circle With Nash Hate Last Night

Back in the winter of 2012, with the Rangers in the midst of their best season since 1997, rumors were swirling about a potential trade for Rick Nash. To say that Blueshirt fans were unhappy about the prospect of another high priced super star coming to New York and destroying the chemistry of that team would be an understatement. And they were able to express their feelings when the Blue Jackets visited the Rangers on February 19th in the form of a “We don’t want you” chant (2:00 mark)…

We all obviously know how that story ended with the Rangers passing on Nash at the trade deadline, but ultimately obtaining him that offseason in a blockbuster deal. Whelp, two years later it’s come full circle as Rangers fans again expressed their displeasure with Nash during last night’s 4-2 Game 4 loss to the Penguins, except this time he’s wearing a Blueshirt…

Here’s Rick Nash’s reaction to the boos (via Bergen Record)…

“For sure it’s tough, but you understand where they’re coming from. It was a tough play and cost a goal against. You’ve got to take ownership of those plays and understand why that happens.” 

Both Alain Vigneault and Brad Richards came to Nash’s defense after the game…

Richards (via Newsday):

“Does it upset me? Yeah, it upsets me, it upsets everybody in the locker room,” Richards said. “We’re not 15th in the league, we’re in the second round of the playoffs. But that’s my opinion. I understand sports and where it’s all at and so does (Rick Nash) and so does everybody in here. But it’s not just him, it’s not just one person. It’s the whole team. We didn’t play tonight and for one or two guys to get booed, that’s frustrating as a team.”


“Ultimately the fans can do what they want. I’d prefer right now if the fans are supportive. It might not look it, but we’re trying our guts off right here.

“Rick is trying real hard. He’s had some good looks. … I gotta tell you, he’s battling real hard.”

…i normally don’t condone singling out players on their home ice, but I just assumed Rangers fans were trying to recreate the scene in Columbus two months ago in an attempt to motivate Nash. Listen, it’s not easy to play in New York. Not everyone can handle it. At some point you’re going to get boo’d. Nash isn’t the first New York sports star to be singled out nor will he be the last. What I’m more concerned about is how he’ll handle it. Based on what I’ve seen up until this point in his Rangers career, I’m not sure he can. 

…having said that, I do disagree with the notion that Nash isn’t trying, because I think he is. The real problem for me, and likely most fans, is that he’s not playing up to his potential. And I’m not just talking about production. That night in Columbus he played with an edge and emotion you need to succeed in the playoffs. So it’s beyond frustrating to see him not even approach that level in the postseason when everyone else around him is. To be honest, I’d almost feel better about Nash if he didn’t have that beast mode performance against the Blue Jackets because at least I wouldn’t know he was capable of so much more than he’s showing.  

…maybe it’s the concussions that have taken away from his aggressiveness or possibly what happened against his former employer was an anomaly, but what I do know is that fire is in there. Now it’s up to AV to figure out how to throw gasoline on it before Nash becomes the Garden’s next whipping boy. If he hasn’t already.

…here’s to hoping, for his sake, this Nash shows up on Friday night…




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