New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens - Game One

Rangers 7, Canadiens 2

The New York Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 7-2 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals, tonight. The Rangers lead the series 1-0. For a box score, so to Yahoo! Sports.

…i must be mistaken, because I think that was a stress free game. From the NEW YORK RANGERS. Those apparent ghosts up in Montreal must not have gotten the memo it was a 1pm start because that was a blood bath. And don’t want to hear about an emotional letdown from the Canadiens, because the last time I checked the Rangers just finished off a long time rival on the road in a Game 7 as well. The Blueshirts were the better team. Period.

…all week the talk was about the speed of both teams, but Montreal was either not ready or couldn’t handle the skating ability of the Rangers. The Blueshirts never stopped skating or working and the Canadiens didn’t have an answer.

…not sure if anyone has ever seen the movie “Delirious” with John Candy, but with the way this amazing St. Louis story is playing out you’d think one of the screen writers at Disney studios has control over the events going on right now. Powerful stuff.

…seriously, how much did the Rangers miss Kreider for the first series and a half this postseason. His speed is deadly, while his presence in front of the net is opening things up on the power play. He completely swung the momentum back to the Rangers with that late second period goal. The Canadiens carried the play for most of the second period and somehow the Rangers were able to extend their lead.

…and the biggest reason for the Canadiens not tying that game or even taking the lead in the second period was Lundqvist, who seemed to be on a mission to prove that Price isn’t on the same level he is. House of Horrors, what? Will be interesting to see if Price was pulled because of an injury or just looking to change momentum.

…”Big Game” Brad Richards strikes again. All the guy does is score clutch goals.

…and of course it can’t be all roses for the Rangers and their fans as the Brassard injury marred what would have been the perfect day.

…and what a job by Dominic “Gretzky” Moore filling in. The guy has been like a chameleon during the playoffs. You need him to shut someone down? Done. Score a big goal? Done. Get Crosby off his game? Done. Replace injured playmaking center? Done. Can’t give Sather enough credit for acquiring Moore last summer.

…i told you guys, you’d hate Pacioretty as he’s out there running around trying to cheap shot everyone in third period including sucker punching the oft-concussed Staal in the head while both were wrestling on the ice.


…took me a period and a half to hate Prust after he took a couple of whacks at the back of Kreider’s legs. Great job by the Rangers not taking the bait. Instead they just took the power plays and threw some more dirt on the Canadiens.


…this game got so out of hand, even Rick Nash scored.

…what are the chances McDonagh said “Take that for trading me for Scott Gomez” after he almost ripped the puck through the back of the net on his goal.

…Zuccarello is an absolute magician out there. His hockey IQ is off the charts…


…off day tomorrow to enjoy this beat down, but be prepared for an embarrassed Canadiens team looking to prove a point on Monday. Despite today’s score, this series is far from being over, so no one start getting comfortable just yet.


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