Rangers 4, Islanders 1

Rangers top Islanders again, win indoors 4-1

The New York Rangers (30-23-3) defeated the New York Islanders (21-28-8) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…it doesn't matter if the game is inside, outside or on the moon, Henrik Lundqvist is absolutely locked in right now. Sure, it was a dominant third period by the Rangers, but that game is likely out of reach at that point without the King.

…i was real surprised with the Rangers quick start as I expected a bit of a Stadium Series hangover, but once the Islanders began to press that's when it felt like they didn't have enough gas in the tank and couldn't find that second gear. Which is why I felt the turning point for the Rangers was the power play they had to start the third period. They were able to generate some offensive chances that really seemed to jump start the team.

…it's got to put a smile on every Rangers fans face to see Staal dominate the way he is right now. He's been through hell and back the last few years and I couldn't be happier to see him back in top form.

…another defenseman in full resurrection mode is Girardi. With the way he's been playing, I'm starting to think he might be worth a five-year extension.

…with all the Callahan trade talk tonight, Rangers fans really needed this win. Very depressing to see this play out in the media the way it is. Not sure if Sather's purposely leaking information for strategic reasons or there's just some loose lips within the organization. Having said that, if Callahan truly is being stubborn about his seven-year demand than Sather might have had no choice.

…it truly is a joy to watch a fellow vertically challenged person (I'm 5' 8") take over an NHL hockey game.

…if Callahan is traded and Richards continues this production, I'm starting to think there's a chance the Rangers don't buyout out their alternate captain.

don't care that it was the Stadium Series jersey, it was damn nice to see the Rangers wearing home whites.

…the argument to replace anyone on the fourth line with Dorsett gets harder and harder to make with every goal they score.

…hate to criticize the guy now that he's gone, but man there's been a lot less defensive miscues from the Rangers blueline since the Del Zotto trade. Klein has really stabilized the unit.

…before the two games at Yankee Stadium, I started to get concerned about the team leaning too much on Nash, but the balanced attack from the line-up the last three games has me thinking this team is legit.

…14-5-1 in their last 20 games. I'm sorry that's more than just a hot streak. That's proof the Rangers are a very dangerous team. And of course, it all starts coming together right before the Olympic break. If the time off destroys this team's momentum the way it did back in 2006, I'm going to personally make sure that NHL players are never allowed to participate in the Winter Games again.

…a couple of days off to relax and reflect on what was an amazing week, then a tough Avalanche team is in town on Tuesday.


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