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Rangers 4, Flyers 2

The New York Rangers defeated the Philadelphia Flyers by the score of 4-2 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, today. The Rangers now lead the series 3-2. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…if not for the refs best attempt to keep this game close and the Rangers from creating momentum, the Blueshirts win this game going away. The Rangers have literally dominated about 80% of this series and amazingly they’re one loss away from a seventh game. It’s never easy.

…as dominating an effort by someone who didn’t score as you’re going to see from St. Louis. Oh wait, he did.

…don’t get me wrong, Nash was again good today as he was around the net early and often. But you really saw the difference between how St. Louis raises the level of his play in the postseason compared to Nash. It’s not even close.

…Staal’s been the player McDonagh should have been in this series without his injury. Damn, it’s nice to have three top pair defenseman.

…speaking McDonagh, it looks like his shoulder is getting better as today was easily his best game of the series.

…not sure the smile on my face could have gotten bigger after watching this…


…the penalty kill not only won this game for the Rangers, but likely saved the refs from a beatdown by Blueshirt fans waiting for them after the game.

…speaking of the refs, instead of breaking down their awfulness, it’ll sum it up with this…


…while most of the calls were complete garbage, Carcillo for Hagelin in Game 6?

…i know we were all expecting blood and guts in this series, but full marks to AV and his staff for getting these guys to buy into the “whistle to whistle” mantra which has kept the Rangers from getting caught up in the emotion of the series which would have greatly benefited the Flyers.

…why is Richards making me want the Rangers to not buy him out this summer? Quick someone remind me of the terms of his current contract.

…JT Miller brought exactly what I had hoped. Tough forecheck and willingness to go to the net. Can’t ask for more from a rookie in his first playoff game.

…another solid effort from Lundqvist, who amazingly has yet to be called on to steal them a game.

…Stralman quietly having a great series, while Klein quietly having a tough one.

…not much from Dorsett, but deserves a mention for chirping Hartnell after dropping him like a sack of potatoes…



…Rangers have been able to succeed without the power play so far, but they need to step it up if they want a long run this spring.

…i’d love to think the momentum of this victory would carry over to Game 6, but I’m a Rangers fan and know better than that. Fully expecting a Game 7.



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