Rangers 4, Flyers 1

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at New York Rangers

The New York Rangers (24-20-3) defeated the Philadelphia Flyers (23-19-4) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…seriously, who are these guys and what did they do with our boring, passionless, spineless Rangers? Easily the most juiced up I've been watching a game all season. Amazing how much better a team performs when playing with emotion.

…absolute forechecking clinic put on by the Rangers. Tortorella would be proud.

…i don't think I've ever used this word on the blog before, but the Rangers power play was absolutely majestic tonight. I've been rooting for the Rangers for a long time and I can't remember the last time I've seen puck movement like that. The Rangers could have easily scored three power play goals tonight if they would have buried their chances with wide open nets.

…so you want to know why most of us on the blog have been begging for a Carcillo-type player for the last two years? There you go. From the trash talking, to the physical play, to the fights. It's everything I could have hoped for and more. The Flyers ended up more worried about Carcillo than winning the game. Remind you guys of a former Rangers agitator? And for anyone complaining about Carcillo fighting with the Rangers up 3-0, you obviously weren't watching the game. After the Rangers scored their third goal, the Flyers had stepped up their physical play (including running Lundqvist twice) and thought they could bully their way back into the game. That was until Carcillo put an end to it. The Flyers weren't the same after that fight.

…assuming no one wants to trade Nash back to the Blue Jackets for Dubinsky and Anisimov tonight.

…remember when we thought there might be a goaltending controversy? Fun times.

…i can watch Zuccarello to Brassard all day long.

…another game, another early whistle negating a Rangers goal.

…man, I love watching the innocent, All American looking John Moore pound someone in a fight.

…and Kreider's still learning how to play this game. Damn, he's going to be good.

…did anyone else cringe when Simmonds grabbed Boyle in the final minute scrum? I thought he was doomed.

…i'm glad that McDonagh's on our side. He's such a beast in a tough, physical rivalry game like this.

…we all wondered what this team would look like once the Rangers best players were at there best. I'm pretty happy with what I see. 

…off tomorrow then Tampa in town on Tuesday.


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