Rangers 4, Flyers 1

The New York Rangers defeated the Philadelphia Flyers by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…this is not the type of game I thought the Rangers could win in this series. They completely got caught up in the emotion of the atmosphere leading to lots of chippiness and way too many undisciplined penalties. But you know what? I loved every second of it. The one problem Rangers fans had with this team all season was their lack of passion and I thought it was on full display tonight. The Rangers proved they certainly have enough guts and balls to go toe to toe with the Flyers.

…and it’s no surprise that Carcillo was in the middle of it all. When he plays with this kind of attitude and arrogance it becomes contagious. The Rangers looked like a tougher more confident team tonight. Meanwhile, the Flyers seemed more concerned about their former teammate than winning the game. Even the biggest Carcillo hater had to be impressed with his ability to not only shake off a dirty shoulder to the chops, but also one of the worst penalty calls in the history of the sport of hockey to put the Flyers away with a hard working goal. Plus he also gave us this moment


…what a shock, special teams determining the outcome of a game in this series. But instead of the power play being the driving force it was the penalty kill that saved the day for the Rangers.

…between the 0’fer on the power play and all the blocked shots you’d think Torts was coaching this team again.

…remember when we were all upset about Callahan’s greed leading to his departure? I’m becoming more and more thankful for it with each St. Louis goal.

…Brian Boyle is so getting paid this offseason. Unfortunately, it won’t be by the Rangers.

…Girardi doesn’t have the best shot in the league, but he may be the best at getting pucks through traffic and to the net.

…Berube may have tried to get Giroux away from the Rangers top defensive pair, but what he didn’t realize is that Marc Staal was waiting on the second pairing. 

…Rick Nash is eventually going to need to start scoring, but four points in three games shows he’s helping the Rangers win through alternative means which isn’t always the case with him.

…in Game 2, you could tell that the Rangers blew their two goal lead because they stopped playing, but tonight the Flyers cut the lead to 2-1 because of a freak play not the Blueshirts sagging. They obviously learned their lesson.

…remember when Stepan struggled the first half of the season? Me neither.

…got to love Simmonds and Lecavalier being more concerned with taking cheap shots and mixing things up after the whistle than getting on the scoring sheet.

…if Mason was healthy enough to relieve Emery, why the hell wasn’t he healthy enough to start tonight?

…Lundqvist has seen more offensive support in three games than he normally sees in an entire playoff series.

…damn Hagelin’s face has taken a beating in this series.

…even though the Rangers only lead the series by a single game, they’ve looked like the far superior team for 10 of the 12 periods. With Mason expected back in net Friday, the Rangers just need to prove they can score on NHL caliber goaltending and they should be able to punch their ticket to the next round fairly easily.


Post game talk…

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