Rangers 3, Stars 2 (Miller Sent Back to Hartford)

Nash's late goal lifts Rangers over Stars 3-2

The New York Rangers (23-20-3) defeated the Dallas Stars (20-17-7) by the score of 3-2, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

Alain Vigneault reported after the game that JT Miller has been sent down to Hartford so he can play in both of their games this weekend.

…remember earlier in the season when the Rangers would get down a goal and you knew the game was over? Not anymore Rangers fans. I got to be honest, I wasn't sure we'd ever see this kind of fight from the Blueshirts on a consistent basis and that's exactly what we've gotten the last few weeks. Damn, it's fun being a Rangers fan again.

…i guess Nash took his own advice about needing to go to the net. If he can make a living there for the remainder of the season, he's going to score a lot of big goals.

…not sure I've had a bigger smile on my face watching a game this season as when Carcillo crashed the crease and gave a Dallas defender a crosscheck to the lower back after the whistle. That's the kind of snarl that's been missing. When the Rangers sagged in the second period it was his physical play that seemed to give the team a lift. And is the likely reason Miller is on a bus back to Hartford right now.

…in the beginning of the season, there were lots of questions about where Pouliot's head was, but now it's 100% in the game as you're not going to see a smarter play than the one he made to stay onsides and spring Richards for the Callahan goal.

…and the linesman just dropped the puck for another faceoff.

…that Brassard/Zuccarello combination on the power play is magic. Not the first time we've seen that redirect play from those two. Amazing that the power play unit comprised of the secondary players is much more dangerous than the one with the supposed top tier players.

…Lundqvist's not there yet, but he's getting close.

…can this team just score a frickin' empty net goal so I don't need to drink every drop of alcohol in my house.

…two wide open looks in the slot and Stepan can't even get a shot off. I thought he finally seemed to get it together late, but he needs to start producing.

…loved Boyle in the final minute just pounding on Star players in front of the net to keep them out of Hank's sight lines. It's the little things folks.

…over the last week, Richards has played like he wants to give the Rangers a tough decision regarding a buyout this summer. Dammit!!!!!

…Wednesday night's win in Chicago would have been negated with a loss tonight so this was a huge victory. And it's not so much that they won, it's how they won. They were fast, physical, resilient and clutch. You know, the polar opposite of what we were subjected to the first three months of the season. Get pumped Rangers fans, you're team is starting to get exciting.

…off tomorrow then a statement game against the rival Flyers who are one of the hottest teams in the NHL right now.


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