Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Six

Rangers 3, Penguins 1

The New York Rangers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins by the score of 3-1 in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, tonight. The series is tied 3-3. For a box score, so to Yahoo! Sports.

…not even the most delusional Ranger fan thought this team had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting this series to a seventh game after their embarrassing display of hockey in Game 4. Whether it was the death of St. Louis’ mother or just having their backs up against the wall this has been a completely different Rangers team the last two games. Crashing the net, winning every puck battle and coming to the aid of teammates. They’ve become a hard team to play again. I friggin’ love these guys right now!!!!

…i’m normally not a big supernatural person, but I’m pretty confident mama St. Louis made sure that carom deflected directly into the net for her son.


…and if you didn’t jump out of your seat after that goal, you might need to check your pulse because that’s as awesome of a hockey moment as you’re going to see. The impact that goal had on his teammates and the game was tangible.

…Lundqvist’s performance could again be overlooked with the St. Louis storyline, but if he doesn’t make those two shorthanded saves in the second period that’s a completely different game. Plus, you got to love him doing his best Shawn Thornton impression on Crosby at the end of the second period…


…the biggest reason the Rangers were able to turn their season around in late December was because their defense stiffened up and we’re seeing the same exact thing in this series.

…Brassard now has 18 points (5g, 13a) in 24 playoff games as a Ranger. He’s been a guy who needs to the spotlight to take his game to another level. He’s sort of like the anti-Nash.

…i think playing on a line with Carcillo for half a season has rubbed off on Dom Moore as he was a big time antagonist out there tonight. Especially to Crosby.

…i hate to keep harping on it, but it’s just baffling to me that Crosby and this Penguins team can continually be thrown off their game this easily. You’d think they’d learn after awhile….




…damn do the Pittsburgh beat writers have egg on their face after the disgusting witch hunt of Staal earlier in this series. Assuming we’re not going to hear a peep from them on the Crosby slew foot or spear.

…i think another factor in the Rangers playing with more of an edge is they’ve finally had enough of the Penguins chippiness around Lundqvist as well as their constant complaints to the refs. I know I feel like punching Neal and Kunitz in the head right about now.

…the reputation of Rangers fans has taken a hit the last few years because of the morgue-like atmosphere at MSG, but that was as good of a playoff crowd as you’re going to get.

…while the St. Louis tragedy is going to get all the headlines for inspiring the Rangers to victory the last two games, let’s not forget what the return of Kreider has meant to this team. He was a beast out there tonight. When him and Hagelin are flying all over the ice, the Penguins, who are used to pushing the play, are instead on their heels.

…speaking of Hagelin, I’d like to give him credit for that goal, but if that wasn’t a Fleury special, I’m not sure what is.

…i took a shot earlier at Nash, but anyone who doesn’t think he’s trying must have missed him diving to save a quality scoring chance during a crucial second period penalty kill.

…Boyle not only leads the Rangers in hits this postseason with 39, he also roughed up Crosby pretty good at the end of the second period. I just don’t get the soft label from Rangers fans.


…Rangers in a seven game series? That never happens. Not sure what us Rangers fans have done to deserve this, but our team has obviously been down this road before which gives them a huge advantage going into Tuesday night’s winner takes all contest.


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