New York Rangers v Columbus Blue Jackets

Rangers 3, Blue Jackets 1

The New York Rangers (38-29-4) defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets (36-28-6) by the score of 3-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…it took six months, but the Rangers finally showed they have the ability to play with emotion, passion and a willingness to fight back. And not surprisingly it led to their biggest win of the season.

…Sean Avery became an immediate fan favorite the second he pushed a certain chubby Devils goaltender, and it looks like Nash might have done the same after his tussle with “Bob” as Rangers Nation finally has that defining game of when the mild mannered super star finally became a Blueshirt. If Nash can play with that anger for the remainder of the season, the rest of the NHL better watch out.

…i’m not sure if Pouliot was sending a message or standing up for J. Moore, but that was the first sign this wasn’t going to be the same old passive Rangers.

…this is the time of the year that a player can make-up for a poor season with a few clutch plays, and that’s what a goal like that will do for Stepan.

…one of the big reasons the Rangers hired Vigneault to replace John Tortorella was because of his reputation as a player’s coach and there’s no better example of that than him getting Dorsett back into the lineup against his former team. And the Rangers coach was rewarded for his decision with a solid game from Dorsett.

…guess Brassard didn’t like being overshadowed by Nash. He’s really starting to click with linemates St. Louis and Zuccarello.

…hope Diaz is ready, because with J. Moore likely out tomorrow he’s going to be thrown right into the lion’s den aka Rangers/Devils.

…i’m so pumped after this win, I don’t even care that St. Louis still hasn’t scored as a Ranger.

…while the fireworks and chippyness will get all the headlines, Lundqvist was a rock tonight, especially in the third period when Columbus was pressing hard late.

…another game, another legit Rangers goal taken away by the refs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, how about Tyutin only getting two minutes despite drawing blood on Hagelin. I thought that was an automatic double minor?

…the defense has been much maligned since the Olympics, but they limited their mistakes and held up against a team that plays a very physical style in the offensive end.

…still not great from Stralman, but damn I love that hip check.

…i’ve got to be honest, I didn’t think this Rangers team had that kind of effort in them. And while I should be ecstatic about it, I’m actually upset that it took them until March 21st to finally prove they have a pulse.

…no time to celebrate as the next biggest game of the season is tomorrow night in the Dirty Jerz.


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