Rangers 2, Sabres 1

The New York Rangers (45-31-5) defeated the Buffalo Sabres (21-50-9) by the score of 2-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…the best thing I can say about tonight’s game is that the Rangers earned two points. Combine that with the Flyers loss in Tampa and the Blueshirts have earned home ice in the first round, which will allow them to further rest McDonagh as well as give Lundqvist a well deserved night off Saturday in Montreal.

…biggest goal as a Ranger for Nash? Actually, tonight’s game winner gives him nine in just 64 games this season which is the second most in the NHL. Maybe he is clutch.

…there’s not a pass on the ice Zuccarello can’t make. He’s an absolute magician out there.

…from scrap heap to top of the heap for Pouliot, who likely earned himself a multi-year contract with the Rangers this off-season.

…even with a vasectomy, I finish better than this Rangers team. Could ultimately be their downfall in the postseason.

…really love that St. Louis is still finding ways to help the Rangers win games despite his goal scoring prowess disappearing quicker than the money of a Bernie Madoff investor. He seems to finally be finding chemistry with his linemates.

…FYI, Drew Stafford doesn’t think Boyle is soft (H/T Adam Herman)…


…under-rated game by Lundqvist, who amazingly needed to be at his best for the Rangers to win tonight.

…i know it was against Buffalo and Carolina but give the under-manned defense props for stepping up their game when the Rangers needed points to secure a favorable seeding in the postseason.

…how ironic was it that the kid who got Marty St. Louis during the “Blueshirts Off Our Backs” ceremony was wearing a Callahan jersey?

…was it pretty? Absolutely not. But the Rangers took care of business and they’ll be much better in the postseason with McDonagh back in the lineup and hopefully at some point Kreider as well. So don’t get too upset with the Blueshirts performance tonight as there’s plenty of NHL fan bases who would kill to be in our position right now. My advice to you guys…enjoy it.

…off tomorrow then season finale in the Rangers “House of Horrors” on Saturday night.


Post game talk…


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