Rangers 2, Devils 0

The New York Rangers (39-29-4) defeated the New Jersey Devils (30-28-13) by the score of 2-0, last night. For a box score go to Yahoo! Sports.

…is Tortorella hockey back? I kid, I kid. But I tell you what, the passion and emotion level that the Blueshirts played with under their former coach seems to be taking hold of this team right now. Battling hard for the puck. After the whistle scums. Standing up for each other. This is the kind of hockey successful teams need to play this time of year and it’s showing in the standings for the Rangers.

…Nash didn’t have to fight anyone last night, but for the second game in a row he had a huge impact. When was the last time a Rangers fan said that?

…i guess Zuccarello saw how Nash’s feud with Bobrovsky pumped the team up in Columbus and decided to do the same with Marty, who he’s gone at in the past. After that incident, the Devils seemed more worried about getting back at Zuccarello than finding the back of the net. And how the hell is Zuccarello the only one who gets a penalty on that play? Brodeur whacks him twice then he gets mugged by two Devils. Between waived off goals and missed calls lately you’d think the refs have money on the Rangers not making the playoffs.

…i’ve been pushing all year for Talbot to get about 25 games. But with the way Hank is playing along with the importance of these games, I’ll be more than happy with the backup netminder finishing the season stuck on 19. Huge congrats to Hank on breaking Giacomin’s shutout record. If Lundqvist keeps this up, he could double that number (50) by the end of his career, which is mind blowing.

…we all know how tricky concussions can be, so there’s a good chance J. Moore could be out for awhile, which is why it’s so important to have depth on defense. So kudos to Sather for obtaining Diaz, who looked real aggressive and confident with the puck as well as sound on defense, at the trade deadline. Did anyone else keep expecting Diaz to turn the puck over? You know, force of habit from watching the previous #4 do it so often.

…speaking of defense, it looks like whatever ailed them coming out of the Olympics has been medicated, as they’re back to being smarter with the puck, keeping the skilled players to the outside and playing with more “jam.”

…absolutely loved watching McDonagh battling with the mule that is Jagr. Despite his age, Jagr uses his big ass body better than anyone in the league to shield off defenders and McDonagh played his usual physical game with the future Hall of Famer only allowing him to get behind him once on the breakaway.

…it’s gotten so bad for St. Louis he can’t even score on an empty net now.

…i get on Nash for not going to the net enough, but the same can be said for Kreider, who is not using his speed and his physical ability to his advantage right now. Hoping he recognizes that the play he made driving to the cage directly lead to Nash’s winner.

…the Rangers power play looks as lost as Brad Richards right now.

…15 points in 14 games since the Olympics for Stepan. We need to find out who he was hanging out with in Sochi and send them a thank you card.

…throughout the season, I’ve wondered whether this team has the ability to grind out victories when it mattered most down the stretch. And all indications coming into this past week was that they didn’t. But with their season literally on the line, they’ve finally decided to play with the toughness and heart we’ve all questioned all year. And I’m loving every second of it.

…the Rangers are off today then Coyotes in town tomorrow.


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