Rangers 2, Blackhawks 1

Chicago Blackhawks v New York Rangers

The New York Rangers (33-24-3) defeated the Chicago Blackhawks (35-12-14) by the score of 2-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…now that's how you come out of the Olympic break! Although, I think I might have crapped in my pants during those final seconds. You never know how a team will respond after a prolonged rest, but the Rangers looked exactly like the team we last saw defeating the Penguins three weeks ago. All four lines going, tough defense and superb goaltending.

…a little divine intervention on that last save as no way Egon was going to let Talbot lose that one. I almost felt going into the game that the time off might be worse for Talbot than the jet lag would be for Hank, but as has been the case all season, the backup netminder was cool under pressure and got the job done. Wonder how many calls Sather received about the availability of Talbot these last few weeks as he's a number one or at the very least a number one in waiting on half the teams in the league.

…not sure if Nash knows this, but when he drives to the net, he's really good.

…Callahan once again proving he's not even close to being a $7 million, hell a $6.5 million, player as he makes a sweet move on Crawford in the second period and couldn't finish. FYI, Martin St. Louis had two goals last night.

…defenses win championships and since the Klein acquisition the Rangers have easily had one of the best defensive corps in the NHL. I forgot, who did the Rangers trade for him? Absolute larceny.

…which is why I'd hate to see Girardi moved and blow everything up. Although, his loss would definitely be muted because Staal is basically performing at the level of a top two defenseman playing on the second pairing.

…got to love Miller rewarding his coach for having faith in him. I'm going to be real upset if he's part of any package going to Tampa for St. Louis.

…Carcillo will never approach Avery status in this town, but he's getting close. He even stole the "Grate One's" broken stick trick last night.

…sweet dish from Stepan on the Nash goal, but he needs to be a lot better.

…i know last night was very tricky for both teams coming off the Olympic break and Chicago had TEN players who were likely jet lagged and wanting their own bed. So it's easy for haters to not get too excited about the win. But guess what, the Rangers had seven players in Sochi and were playing without their top point getter as well as their All-World goaltender. They were the better team from start to the final few minutes, while their defense shutdown the four headed monster of Toews, Kane, Sharp and Hossa. Don't get excited? Please, I'm doing handstands over here and it's ok for you to do the same.

…although, it could all come crashing down with one ill-advised trade from Sather.


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