Rangers 1, Red Wings 0

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at New York Rangers

The New York Rangers (25-21-3) defeated the Detroit Red Wings (20-17-10) by the score of 1-0, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…that was easily one of the most entertaining 1-0 games I've ever seen. Very reminiscent of a 1-0 shootout loss the Rangers had against the Devils back in 2011. Both teams flying around, creating chances and I think there was a little goaltender play as well. As a former goalie, it really doesn't get better than the duel we witnessed tonight.

…and you knew the only way Lundqvist or Howard was getting scored on was by a fluke goal. But you have to give Zuccarello credit for going to the net and making something happen.

…this Lundqvist guy the Rangers acquired a week ago is much better than the goalie they had earlier this season.

…listen, I get why the NHL implemented the hybrid icing, but I hate that the call is left up to the interpretation of the linesman. Leads to mistakes like the one that almost cost the Rangers the lead late in the third period.

…eight shots on goal for Nash. Too bad the only thing that went in was himself.

…i've been completely taken off guard by the physical presence that Pouliot has become.

…i know it's the Red Wings and they have a winning aura about them, but they were playing with the hockey equivalent of a split squad tonight, so let's not start sucking each other's d*cks over this win.

…seven shots on goal for McDonagh. SEVEN! One for each lash former Canadiens GM Bob Gainey should receive for trading him to the Rangers for Scotty Gomez.

…two straight games without a power play goal?!?!?! Did Sather rehire Mike Sullivan?

…two goals in the last 26 games for Mis-Stepan. (H/T McPhee)

…lots of venom from Rangers fans towards this team and Vigneault the first three months of the season. And justifiably so. Most rational members of Blueshirts Nation (c'mon, there's a few of them) can live with a loss as long the team puts forth a solid effort (see Tuesday's defeat to Tampa), but what we were subjected to earlier this season was a group of players going through the motions with zero emotion or passion. It was unacceptable. Then out of nowhere the season began to take a turn. I'm not even going to try and attempt to figure out where the kick in the ass came from the last 13 games (9-3-1). I'm just going to enjoy the ride and hope it doesn't end until June. And I suggest you do the same.

…off tomorrow then back-to-back games this weekend.


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