Radio: St. Louis & McDonagh Talk Flyers & Playoffs

Yesterday, Martin St. Louis was a guest on the Mike Francesa Radio Show (WFAN) to discuss the upcoming playoffs…

…now that the playoffs are here, it’s officially time for St. Louis to regain his scoring touch. No more excuses about still getting comfortable. It’s put-up or shut-up time.

…while it was nice to see St. Louis contributing to the Rangers success despite his lack of scoring, he’s going to be counted on to provide clutch goals in the playoffs.

…if St. Louis and Nash don’t produce the way they’re both capable of on the power play and even strength, this will be a short post season for the Rangers and their fans.

Ryan McDonagh was also making his way around the New York radio circuit as he offered his thoughts on his health, the playoffs and more with Michael Kay (ESPN Radio)…



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