Radio: Dolan Says Callahan Asked For Too Much; Sather is Best in the Biz

Yesterday, Rangers owner James Dolan did a New York media tour after the announcement of Phil Jackson as the new Knicks president.

During an interview with Michael Kay at ESPN Radio New York, the subject of the Rangers came up and the cable tycoon gave his thoughts on John Tortorella, Ryan Callahan as well as the current team, which you can listen to by clicking here.

Dolan was also on with Mike Francesa which you can listen to by clicking here.

Here’s Dolan’s most memorable line regarding the Rangers former captain…

“I think Ryan, essentially, was asking too much for his services and was going to hamstring the team. With that, I think [general manager Glen Sather] did the right thing.”

 …the Rangers beat writers took this quote and ran with it this morning as I’ve seen numerous articles surrounding the owner’s comments. Not sure why. He didn’t mention anything anyone of us didn’t already know or already say. Callahan WAS asking for too much and it WOULD have hamstrung the team. So why is this such a big deal?

Dolan also praised Rangers GM Glen Sather…

“I have great faith in Glen Sather and think he has made some fantastic moves with the team. He has pulled off some trades that I still don’t know how he has gotten the other team to agree.

“I trust Sather and think he is the best in the business. That team is competing for a playoff spot.”

…is Dolan kidding me?!?!?!? The best in the business?!?!??! If he’s so good, why have the Rangers not participated in even ONE Stanley Cup Finals during his tenure? While appearing in just one conference finals in which they lost to one of their biggest rivalries. The Best? More like one of the worse.

…and I’m sick of Dolan referencing the Gomez/McDonagh trade every time he praises Sather. How about all the boneheaded moves he’s made along the way that have wasted your money? See Holik, Drury, Gomez and Redden just to name a few.

…i know that Dolan has stated Sather has a job for life, but if the rumors of his possible retirement end up being false, I wonder if the possible embarrassing scenario of the Rangers missing the playoffs, combined with the Blueshirts’ trading partner Blue Jackets qualifying could be enough for the longtime GM to be shown the door.

For more on Dolan’s interview go to the Bergen Record, New York Post, Newsday and


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