New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers - Game One

Prust Tries to Take Out Hank

Former Ranger Brandon Prust has been one of the most vocal critics of Chris Kreider’s “attempt” to injure Carey Price.

However, before Game 2 the Canadien tough guy said he wouldn’t run Henrik Lundqvist “just because they ran ours.”

Whelp, it looks like actions speak louder than words as Prust was caught on camera during a commercial break attempting to make contact with the Rangers All World netminder…

…do I think what Prust attempted to do was bush league? Of course, but if he truly wanted to take out Lundqvist, he easily could have. I’m assuming those two have remained acquaintances off the ice, so if nothing else Prust was likely just trying to give The King a friendly bump.

…to me this is much ado about nothing. Although it was frighteningly similar to another commercial break goaltender incident the Rangers were involved in… 

…damn, I miss Avery.


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