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Prust Accuses Kreider Of Intent To Injure, Is A Hypocrite

A scary incident occurred in yesterday’s Game One, with Chris Kreider sliding into Carey Price on a breakaway. Price immediately grabbed his knee and took some time to skate it off before finishing the period.

Backup goaltender Peter Budaj came out for the third period, but Habs’ Head Coach Michel Therrien skated around a potential injury concern.

“The fact that he didn’t play in the third period was more to protect him than anything. We were not sharp in front of him,” Therrien said.

Therrien, as well as multiple Canadiens’ players agreed that, while the incident was unfortunate, Kreider can’t be blamed.

Former Ranger and current Canadiens’ forward Brandon Prust, who briefly played with Kreider during the 2012 playoffs, had others ideas, however.




Now, let’s first look at the incident logically. Chris Kreider has no history of disciplinary action by the NHL. It was Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals, and it was early in the second period of what was only a two-goal game. I don’t exactly see what the upside is of Kreider purposely botching a Grade-A chance to give his team a significant lead. If the intent was, theoretically, to injure Price, then Kreider going skates-first at 100 MPH would be a great way to put himself in harm’s way at the same time. I’d assume there would be better methods for hurting Price than to risk shattering your own leg like Stamkos did crashing into the net. Habs’ defenseman Alexei Emelin also clearly gets his stick in Kreider’s area, which could have in itself been enough to change Kreider’s body positioning and put him off-edge.

But suppose Prust’s premise is right. Chris Kreider in in the NHL, and therefore Chris Kreider should know “how to fall.” As in, he should be easily avoiding the goaltender in those kinds of situations. Fair enough, then, Brandon. Maybe you two can practice it together in the offseason.



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