Price Out for Remainder of Series

This morning Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien announced that Carey Price is out for the remainder of the series due to a leg injury he suffered after Chris Kreider slid into him after being tripped.

Since the incident, the Canadiens have expressed their unhappiness with Kreider including this from Therrien, who has suddenly changed his tune, this morning (via New York Post)…

“This incident, it’s reckless. Kreider, this is not the 1st time he’s going at goalies.”

Last series, Kreider had a goal wiped away due to an interference penalty after being pushed into Marc-Andre Fleury…


And last season, Kreider was pulled down into Craig Anderson of the Senators…

Peter Budaj will take over the starting duties for the Canadiens in Price’s absence. Budaj was 10-8-3 this season with a 2.51 gaa, .909 sv % and one shutout. That one shutout was a 2-0 victory over the Rangers earlier this year.

…wow, this is obviously a huge blow for the Canadiens. But before you start booking your tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals, remember that that Rangers have a checkered history against back-up goaltenders including Budaj who is a career 3-1 with 2.17 gaa, .921 sv % and one shutout against the Blueshirts.

…as far as the criticism of Kreider from the Canadiens, to me it’s just classless. I get that they’re upset about losing Price, but look at the tape. He’s pulled down doing 30 mph. How exactly was he supposed to get out of the way? It’s the same situation with other two incidents I posted above. It’s not Kreider’s fault that the only way the opposition can match his speed is by hauling him down. You don’t like him running into your goalie, stop tripping him after he blows past you.

…i guess Hank and Kreider better watch their back tonight, because the Canadiens proved last game that chippiness is more important than winning. Let’s hope the Rangers can use that to their advantage.


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